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1963 WAS A MONUMENTAL YEAR for both the Civil Rights Movement and the brave citizens of Birmingham. Now, the City of Birmingham wants to erect a monument to increase awareness of the men and women of the Foot Soldiers and the sacrifices that they made to change our culture for the better.

But we need your help. We’re calling all creative minds and artistic hands to help design this monument, which will grace the northeast entrance of Kelly Ingram Park. This monument will serve both as a dedication to the Foot Soldiers and the Birmingham Civil Rights Marches and a means of encouraging nonviolent participation from present and future citizens in the ongoing democratic process for equal rights. As the artist, you’ll be allowed creative freedom in your design—human representations or abstract and symbolic forms are equally appropriate—but we do ask that you not call attention to the names of any individual Foot Soldiers on the monument.

Send us your design today, and with your help, we will continue to move 50 Years Forward.

  • Allowed Files: pdf

Site Description

  1. The monument site is at the northeastern corner of Kelly Ingram Park.
  2. The monument site is within the public rights of way.
  3. The monument site is within the area of two intersecting sidewalks. Each sidewalk is 9 feet in width.
  4. The monument site is both defined and outlined by an existing tree bed where the two sidewalks intersect. (Note: The tree has been removed.)
  5. The tree bed will become the monument pad or base outline for the monument pad, which is approximately 12 feet by 12 feet in area. This pad sits at a 45-degree angle from the existing concrete sidewalk paving pattern.
  6. The outline of the monument pad is surrounded by a walkway of concrete paving that is 9 feet in width. This concrete paving is edged with brick bluestone pavers measuring 4 inches by 6 inches.
  7. The monument cannot extend beyond the tree bed outline.
  8. The monument cannot be taller than 12 feet high, including its base or podium.
  9. The monument must be made primarily from steel.
  10. The monument must serve as a gateway to Kelly Ingram Park.

Submission Requirements

  1. Four 20 inch by 20 inch boards (300 dpi [12,600 pixels by 900 pixels], max. file size 6MB).
  2. Project title and design concept statement on the boards should not exceed 150-200 words.
  3. One site plan of park with monument in place (1 inch = 25 feet).
  4. One site plan of the monument site (1 inch = 1 foot).
  5. One front and rear elevation of the monument (1 inch = 1 foot).
  6. One rendering or perspective view of the monument.
  7. Conceptual drawings, including additional plans, sections, elevations as needed.

Please submit an application form along with a separate page of design concept text (500 words or less).