Fifty Years Forward.

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Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

520 16th St. North, Birmingham

This “living institution” views the lessons of the past as a positive way to chart new direction for the future. There are many powerful stories and lessons to be experienced here, through various galleries, films and more.

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16th Street Baptist Church

1530 6th AvE. North, Birmingham

Often serving as a meeting place for leaders and foot soldier of The Movement, this church was bombed by the KKK one Sunday morning in 1963, killing four innocent young girls. Today, the church thrives and embraces all visitors.

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Kelly Ingram Park

5th Ave. NORTH at 16th St., Birmingham

The gateway to the Civil Rights District, Kelly Ingram Park was a hotbed of Movement activities in ’63. Now, the park is home to many statues commemorating Civil Rights heroes, as well as an audio walking tour accessible via cell phone.

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4th Avenue Business District

4th Ave. North, Birmingham

Due to Jim Crow laws of the early 20th century, this area served as the business, social and cultural center for Birmingham’s black population. Today, many businesses still operate in the district, serving a steady stream of customers of all races.

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Bethel Baptist Church

3233 29th Ave. North, Birmingham, AL

Pastored by Fred Shuttlesworth, Bethel was home to the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, and played a crucial role in the Freedom Rides and the Birmingham Campaign. Bethel survived three bombings, and is now a National Historic Landmark.

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Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame at the Carver Theatre

1631 4th Ave. NORTH, Birmingham

From the boogie-woogie beginnings of Clarence “Pinetop” Smith to the velvet crooning of Nat King Cole, legendary jazz greats are immortalized in the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame within the historic Carver Theatre, one of the Jim Crow era’s “black only” theatres.

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